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Founded on Empathy & Compassion

JoAnn LeFlore


Owner and founder of JoAnn's Caring Angels LLC, JoAnn LeFlore established her company in 2016. Her experience as a Certified Nurse Assistant started at the young age of 20. JoAnn was a mother of two and was looking to make enough money to provide for her children. Over the years, she worked in all aspects of the field from Long Term Care to Hospice.


Recently, JoAnn wanted a change; she wanted to start a business that she knew about. She had a goal to make it where her experience could be used not just in patient care, but in continuing to educate herself as well as other C.N.A's in the aging process. Her main focus was around those who wanted to be better at providing care. JoAnn wanted individuals to work for someone who understands the day to day function of being a compassionate caregiver. That being, she wanted to provide a company that hires caregivers with the same work ethic and outlook on how to provide five-star care. JoAnn LeFlore aspires to provide patients with safe and efficient care without leaving the comfort of their home, which is why she started JoAnn's Caring Angels.

JoAnn LeFlore is a C.N.A turned CEO.

Her Angels are screened and trained by herself personally.

"Our Mission is to Provide Quality Care, Promote Health, Faith, Beliefs, Dignity, Comfort and Compassion." 


We Stand Behind Our Mission.

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